(Reuters) — A U.S. pro­fes­sional group that cer­ti­fies obste­tri­cians and gyne­col­o­gists has loos­ened a decades-​​old restric­tion on its board-​​certified mem­bers treat­ing male patients, after mount­ing pres­sure from doc­tors and researchers.

So now the only burn­ing ques­tion remain­ing to be answered by the U.S. sys­tem of let­ting moral, reli­gious, sci­en­tific, and cul­tural ques­tions be answered by an indi­vid­ual whose main qual­i­fi­ca­tion is not caus­ing gig­gles while wear­ing an over-​​sized all-​​black smock:

If a boy feels like a girl, and has there­fore been cleared for the girls’ bath­room and girls’ sports by the crow-​​couture club,
when her period fails to mate­ri­al­ize who gets sued?

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2 Comments to “And They Can Jolly-​​Well Treat Them In the Ladies’ Room, Too!”

  1. Ike Jakson says:

    Sick’ is a good word and the only com­ment I can man­age for the state of the world that pro­duced this,

  2. nolanimrod says:

    If an Amer­i­can boy feelz like a girl he should use the girls’ rest room in his gram­mar school. Why should the sci­ence of ges­ta­tion and child­bear­ing be any different?

    When it’s going to get inter­est­ing is when, in the name of equal­ity, all blood types are declared equal. Could make get­ting a unit of blood a very inter­est­ing event.

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