They hit the Irony Tri­fecta! I didn’t think any­body could top the Occupy! morons but here, in a trice, it has hap­pened. These guys wanted to pester shoot­ers by using UAV’s (we’re all hip to that mil­i­tary ter­mi­nol­ogy, right?) by shoot­ing them down.

I’m not on the side of the “shoot­ers.” Not on the side of the non-​​shooters, either.

It do seem, though, that if you want to stop peo­ple shoot­ing pigeons (wholly real­iz­ing, of course, that pigeon-​​shooting is a thing many peo­ple who live in cities pray for) you might have found a bet­ter mode of expres­sion than one which makes shot­gun­ning excit­ing even for the most jaded purists. Pow! You got another one!

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