Neo-​​Neocon on the keel-​​hauling of one of America’s chil­dren for send­ing an email:

Harvard’s action was not a gov­ern­men­tal pol­icy, it’s true, as it was in the USSR (nor was the penalty for Grace death, or exile to Siberia—except per­haps in the metaphoric sense). But it has become way too preva­lent in this coun­try that, to advance in acad­e­mia or jour­nal­ism or any num­ber of pro­fes­sions, one must toe the party lib­eral line, with ostracism the penalty for violations.

Some changes take long times to hap­pen. Some, less.

The revered names in Amer­i­can higher edu­ca­tion seem bent on chang­ing them­selves from hal­lowed facil­i­ta­tors of the country’s élan to fierce-​​visaged, implaca­ble Grundys man­ning PC brake-​​presses to bend stu­dents so as to reflect light in the right way.

They don’t seem to real­ize just how much Amer­ica is on to them, nor how quickly their brand is withering.

We will see.

One pos­si­ble test:

Before Jimmy Carter was inau­gu­rated one of his top aides, Hamil­ton Jor­dan, said that they were try­ing to break the estab­lish­ment stran­gle­hold on every administration.

If, he said, you see some­body like Cy Vance in a top posi­tion, you will know we failed.

That bright young crew was attempt­ing the dif­fi­cult. With Jimmah, the impossible.But Jor­don proved prophetic. When Carter announced his cab­i­net Cyrus Vance was in it as Sec­re­tary of State. We know what a won­der­ful job he did. What he and Jimmah did is our most dan­ger­ous for­eign pol­icy challenge.

So maybe we should let Har­vard and Yale keep charg­ing $100,000 for school. Kind of like an Ital­ian shoe maker.

But let’s stop pros­trat­ing our­selves before their mag­nif­i­cence.  They’re col­leges, not Ninja schools in Kill Bill V.

And judge them by how they treat the least among them.

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