Has the Health Care imbroglio so unhinged Obama that he’s gone com­pletely manic in his drive to expand his empire?

In a closed cer­e­mony at the White House, the pres­i­dent signed the Travel Pro­mo­tion Act. After gain­ing final pas­sage by the Sen­ate last week, the bill will raise an esti­mated $200 mil­lion a year by impos­ing a $10 tax on vis­i­tors to the United States from coun­tries where they are not required to obtain a visa. The rev­enue will be used to cre­ate and fund a new agency, the Cor­po­ra­tion for Travel Pro­mo­tion, that would work with the U.S. tourism indus­try to pro­mote the United States as a global travel destination.

Ah. Let’s look at the oper­a­tive phrase:

… to cre­ate and fund a new agency …

And what, pray tell, would that new agency do?

work with the U.S. tourism indus­try to pro­mote the United States…

Does any­body think that a fed­eral agency can do more to pro­mote tourism to the U.S. than Dis­ney? Than Harrah’s? Than 10,000 travel agents?

And then, boys ‘n’ girls, after Pres­i­dent Obama has built a big build­ing for his new agency, and staffed it with peo­ple who signed up with his good friend Andy Stern, who runs the S.E.I.U. and cur­rently sits on the Debt Board, and bought new energy-​​efficient win­dows for the place from Seri­ous Mate­ri­als, a win­dow com­pany whose vice pres­i­dent for pol­icy is mar­ried to Obama’s weath­er­iza­tion over­seer, Obama is going to go all around the world and say he was only kid­ding when he said not to go to Las Vegas.

OK — so far we’ve made Andy Stern happy, said it’s OK to go to Vegas, and built a big new build­ing with truly excel­lent win­dows, but how is that going to help tourism?  Oh! There’s more?

Yes! Oh, all you doubters.  We’re going to charge tourists $10 a head.  That’s to pay for the agency that will do what Dis­ney and Vegas and Atlantic City and New York City and Six Flags and the Grand Canyon and 10,000 travel agents can’t manage.

Heh.  When Harrah’s opened the big river boat casino at the foot of Canal Street in New Orleans they charged $5 to come aboard.  After the new­ness wore off nobody came.  And this in a town where you can gen­er­ally get some­body to bet on whether or not some­thing thrown up into the air is going to come down.

Nobody was going to pay for the priv­i­lege of walk­ing in a busi­ness estab­lish­ment what wasn’t show­ing movies and sell­ing Jujubes.  Then the casino started check­ing ID’s and let­ting locals in free and charg­ing every­body else.  Then they just gave up. Then the peo­ple came.

So when Obama’s tourists get sick of being spare-​​changed even before they get here and stop pay­ing, and stop com­ing, Obama’s Agency is going to go away, right?

Sigh. Like I said. Some­body get this guy some Valium.

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2 Comments to “Somebody Please Get Barack Some Valium”

  1. Ike Jakson says:


    I need a moment of san­ity in an insane World after shak­ing the dust off my feet in the UK Blogs. Eng­land is a lost cause; the Dutch may elect Geert Wilders to the glee of some and the raw dis­gust of oth­ers; in Eng­land the
    BNP is on the rise fill­ing some with joy and oth­ers with bewilderment.

    And here you have Obama. It is in a way under­stand­able that he will try to hang on to power with Oba­macare because it is all he has left from his Elec­tion promises. He couldn’t han­dle Iraq [his main elec­tion theme]; he is falling apart in Afghan; his Inter­na­tional Appeal [which never existed but was held out as his strong point] has all but evap­o­rated; promises to change Wash­ing­ton came to noth­ing. So he is left with Oba­macare and must ham­mer it through in a final effort to save his Presidency.

    And now that is unrav­el­ing; looks like that may help to bring him down, if not right now then in the next week or two. So then … aah right, let’s pro­mote tourism …, or gam­bling ….? etc. Next … oh never mind.

    Give him a good dose of Val­ium. Bet­ter still, ridicule and destroy his base in the Novem­ber Polls. That is the one thing that Obama can­not han­dle, not even with his big mouth; ridicule hurts him because it exposes the real man [mouse?] and that is what you should do.

    Laugh at the silly sod.

    • Nolanimrod says:

      In the case of Obama I think a lot of it is a case of fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice … For the rest of it I think it’s a case of the world hav­ing got over a lot of its romance with the mul­ti­c­ulti fad except for the rul­ing elites and the edu­ca­tor class. They are hang­ing on to mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism for dear life and deter­mined to keep every­day peo­ple penned up in the mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ist com­pound. Even some in the cul­tures they’re try­ing to pro­mote, pro­tect, and priv­i­lege are wis­ing up.

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