Lim­baugh used to talk about this.  He’d say some­thing like When they’re going to pass a fed­eral min­i­mum wage how do they set it?  And why have not states set their own?  And he’d have a point.  A min­i­mum wage of $8 per hour is prob­a­bly pretty good in Pueblo de Un Caballo, New Mex­ico. In Man­hat­tan, NYC you’d have to live some­where in the Jer­sey Pine Bar­rens to have an afford­able rent and would have a two-​​day com­mute each day.

The issue is nicely addressed in The National Ele­va­tor Plan.  The Uni­ver­sal Ser­vice Fee addressed in the post has long aggra­vated me.  I even wrote to my sen­a­tor, Mary Lan­drieu at the time (actu­ally I wrote to her, John Breaux, and William Jef­fer­son; Lan­drieu was the only one who cared enough to give me a response) about it.  I wanted to know how it was that the FCC could just plop a tax on my phone bill when it was in the Con­sti­tu­tion in plain Eng­lish that all taxes had to orig­i­nate in the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives.  She responded that the courts had ruled that the Uni­ver­sal Ser­vice Fee was a fee, not a tax, and there­fore wasn’t cov­ered by the Orig­i­na­tion Clause.

I also did a lit­tle arith­metic, mul­ti­ply­ing the fee on my bill by 12, to get a yearly fig­ure, and then by 200 mil­lion, fig­ur­ing that was a good round num­ber for the num­ber of phone lines in the coun­try.  Came up with a pretty big num­ber.  All from a fund that was sup­posed to help pro­vide the Inter­net to libraries.  Plenty in the fund to do it.  Also for the libraries in, say, Esto­nia, and Latvia, and prob­a­bly India and China, too.

Oh!  I for­got!  It’s for The Chil­dren.  (h/​t: Instapun­dit)

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