nolanimrod on March 25th, 2015

Remem­ber Toto? Dorothy’s lit­tle dog who pulled the cur­tain back to show the fear­some Oz to be a fussy lit­tle fat man? We could use him now. Per­haps he could per­form the same ser­vice on our media which keeps using words and phrases like rape and gang-​​rape which, viz. Inigo Mon­toya, they keep using but seem not to know what they mean.

It seems only fair to feed you the back­story since our own NY Sen­a­to­r­ial Sock Pup­pet is hang­ing onto the rape thing like grim Death and get­ting pretty good at it. One of her recent instal­la­tions was drag­ging the Mat­tress Girl along with her to Obama’s last State of the Union.
The real treat is Mark Steyn’s exquis­ite fram­ing of the cur­rent media cli­mate in which it is OK to describe as soul­less sav­ages and bru­tal gang-​​rapists a group of peo­ple who did noth­ing wrong because they were white, male, mid­dle class and to pre­tend another group of men who beat and tore the clothes off a girl before gang-​​raping her in the street were just wisps of fog, unreal, because they were not white, not mid­dle class, not Americans.
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nolanimrod on March 19th, 2015

I’d say about 20 strokes should be about right.

Via Hot Air:

Obama pre­pares to pun­ish Israeli vot­ers for reject­ing him

He pun­ished Amer­i­can vot­ers by sicc­ing the I.R.S. on peo­ple who dis­agreed with him.

Even a Demo­c­rat, a Sen­a­tor, couldn’t escape the Wrath of Khan Wrath of Obama when he refused to say Yas­sah, yas­sah to Obama’s plan to make Iran a nuclear power.

What’s he going to pun­ish Israel with? ISIS?

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nolanimrod on March 16th, 2015

If we still had 50,000 troops and a huge air­base in Iraq none of this ISIS stuff would be hap­pen­ing. Hav­ing removed those things it all had to. Luck­ily we also accom­plished the impos­si­ble in Libya: we made it worse. Rus­sia used to worry about NATO; now NATO is wor­ried about Rus­sia and Putin is threat­en­ing us with nukes. Mex­ico, after suing Ari­zona, is busily recon­quer­ing much of the ter­ri­tory it lost in 1848.

All in all, as they say, I believe Obama will achieve his goal of being an his­toric president.


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When South Africa’s Jacob Zuma made his Bring Me My Machine Gun song his cam­paign hymn we didn’t real­ize he was mak­ing a sex­ual pun.

Ever since Dr. Chris­ti­aan Barnard pio­neered the heart trans­plant we have looked to South Africa for an encore but we didn’t expect some­thing this spectacular:

South Africans per­form first ‘suc­cess­ful’ penis transplant

Not only that, but he has dri­ven our tire­less South African blog­ger absolutely wild.

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