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The EPA tapped into mil­lions of gal­lons of poi­so­nous chem­i­cals and dumped them into the Ani­mas River which feeds into the Col­orado, which pro­vides water for most of the south­west­ern United States.

But don’t be mad at them. Thanks to Yahoo News we know who the real cul­prits are cour­tesy of the photo tagline.

photo of contaminated river informs the reader that the real culprits are businessmen and Republicans

Photo of con­t­a­m­i­nated river informs the reader that the real cul­prits are busi­ness­men and Republicans.


nolanimrod on August 1st, 2015

Between the media and the politi­cians we have had kind of a rough time of it for the last fifty years. Any time we thought some­thing didn’t make any sense and poked our heads up to say, “What?” we were imme­di­ately smacked down and called names.

It started with Pro­tected Classes. While the unso­phis­ti­cated among us may have thought that the Civil Rights laws of the six­ties applied to, well, peo­ple, our bet­ters on the Supreme Court informed us that they only applied to Pro­tected Classes of peo­ple. If you didn’t rent an apart­ment to a Pole or a Jew you were home free. If the aggrieved prospec­tive ten­ant was black or Puerto Rican you were in big trouble.

The notion of pro­tected classes of peo­ple seemed to metas­ta­size after that.

Bernie Mad­off set up a hedge fund which bilked peo­ple of bil­lions of dol­lars and he was pros­e­cuted for it. His ill-​​gotten gains were for­feit to the gov­ern­ment and his body was sent to the slammer.

John Corzine, a gov­er­nor of New Jer­sey, had a hedge fund which man­aged to evap­o­rate sev­eral bil­lions of dol­lars of his investors assets by using them to shore up posi­tions his fund had taken and when the whole enter­prise went belly-​​up and the bil­lions were nowhere to be seen Mr. Corzine was referred to in the press not as the thiev­ing hedge fund fraud­ster but as The For­mer Gov­er­nor of New Jer­sey.

Unlike Mad­off he filed for bank­ruptcy, washed his hands of his bil­lions of debts, and is free and walk­ing among us.

Was Jon Corzine a mem­ber of a Pro­tected Class?

When Barack Obama was push­ing his stim­u­lus bill through con­gress he kept refer­ring to shovel-​​ready projects in his exhor­ta­tions to con­gress to pro­vide 800 bil­lion to put Amer­ica back to work.

After the finan­cial dust set­tled Obama was asked about his shovel-​​ready projects and he kind of laughed as he admit­ted that there were no shovel-​​ready projects. But the money was spent.

Barack Obama spent 800 bil­lion for some­thing other than he said he was going to spend it on. Was Barack Obama a mem­ber of a Pro­tected Class?

Every time some kind of com­pre­hen­sive solu­tion to the ille­gal immi­gra­tion ques­tion had been imple­mented there has always been a stip­u­la­tion about a bor­der fence. Money has been appro­pri­ated sev­eral times for a bor­der fence. There is not now nor was there ever a bor­der fence except here and there and a here-​​and-​​there fence is a joke, not a fence. But any­body men­tion­ing a fence is derided as a nativist or a racist whereas the peo­ple tak­ing advan­tage of the lack of a fence are called Dream­ers.

Are Mex­i­cans now a Pro­tected Class?

The answer now seems clear. Amer­i­cans who like their coun­try and wish it well are not a Pro­tected Class.

Every­body else is.


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nolanimrod on July 23rd, 2015

Today the usu­ally per­spi­ca­cious folks at Pow­er­line show­cased what they called a clinic for Repub­li­can can­di­dates when Carly Fio­r­ina answered a per­sis­tent Jake Tap­per who kept demand­ing to know about her sup­port for a ban on abor­tions after 20 weeks ges­ta­tion. Would she, the gimlet-​​eyed, steely-​​voiced Tap­per demanded, sup­port excep­tions in cases of rape or incest?

This is a clas­sic exam­ple of the magi­cian dis­tract­ing your atten­tion by get­ting you to focus on his left hand, which is repeat­edly shuf­fling a deck of cards, while his right hand makes a tray of daiquiris and serves them to the peo­ple in the first row, leav­ing you puz­zling about why the first row seems to be enjoy­ing the show more than the rest of the audience.

The Pow­er­line folks applauded Carly Fio­r­ina for throw­ing the ques­tion back in Tapper’s lap and telling him to ask, instead, ques­tions about abor­tion to Hillary Clinton.

Fiorina’s per­for­mance was, undoubt­edly, a com­pe­tent politician’s per­for­mance, which may be suf­fi­cient for now because she isn’t, after all, a politician.

What she missed, and what Pow­er­line missed her miss­ing, was an his­toric, epochal, sound-​​barrier-​​shattering moment:

Every time some­body, any­body, tries to restrict abor­tions in any way it takes less than a mil­lisec­ond for some­body to say

What about in cases of rape or incest?

We’re not talk­ing about abor­tion per se here. We’re talk­ing about abor­tion after 20 weeks ges­ta­tion. 20 weeks is about 5 months. Close to Her­man Gos­nell ter­ri­tory.  So why, Carly might have said, is that even a ques­tion? She might have continued,

Who gets raped by any­one or snug­gled by a close rel­a­tive and takes five months to fig­ure it out? And if some­one does, does it hap­pen often enough that we need to use our time hash­ing out the fine points? What’s next? Angels on the head of a pin?

And that might have been the last time we’d have to lis­ten to the media’s ver­sion of Row, Row Your Abor­tion Boat.


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Is HBO really try­ing to cen­sor a fighter’s box­ing trunks because they sport an ammo company’s logo? That seems to be the mes­sage the folks at Hot Air are tak­ing away from HBO’s con­tract nego­ti­a­tions with one of the top pro boxers, Sergey Kovalev.

Nor­mally I would leap on this like white on rice, as they used to say in St. Bernard Parish when it still existed, but as both the Hot Air blog post and its source from the National Shoot­ing Sports Foun­da­tion  seemed just a wee bit u-​​r-​​g-​​e-​​n-​​t and as nei­ther blog post addressed what was actu­ally said I couldn’t escape the sus­pi­cion that the real issue might just be a gen­eral ban on turn­ing box­ing trunks into bill­boards, just like Pete Rozelle’s ban­ning Jim McMahon’s Nike head­band for Super­bowl XX.

But if the issue was really that HBO didn’t want to be asso­ci­ated in any way with guns then they have raised the hypocrisy bar so high that the word had bet­ter be retired because nobody will ever again deserve it.


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