nolanimrod on July 14th, 2014

It Had All Grown Hazy.

Ignor­ing Friends Became Such a Habit.

Is This What Is Meant by a Clar­ion Call?

So This is What Sup­port­ing a Friend Looks Like!


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How big a moun­tain?  $165 bil­lion big enough for you?



Think that might be enough to write a com­puter cli­mate model that works?

Not so far.

Yet an enor­mous amount of money has been spent. An enor­mous amount of money has been made.

To what end?

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Even the Parts We Know About So Far

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nolanimrod on July 3rd, 2014

The Grey­hound com­pany used to have a slogan:

It’s Such a Com­fort to Take the Bus and Leave the Dri­ving to Us.

Our fear­less lead­ers seem to have adopted a sim­i­lar atti­tude about the past. We needn’t bother remem­ber­ing it. Our media, politi­cians, and judges will remem­ber it for us.

Such is the only pos­si­ble con­clu­sion to be drawn by all the rend­ing of gar­ments and gnash­ing of teeth that the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby deci­sion has gen­er­ated.  Because the issue was decided before the Afford­able Care Act, aka Oba­macare, was passed.

Bart Stu­pak, con­gress­man from Michi­gan, led a bloc called The Stu­pak 13 which vowed not to pass any bill pro­vid­ing for pub­lic fund­ing of any kind of abor­tion out­side of the usual list of excep­tions (rape, incest, health of the mother, etc.). They went back on their solemn vow when Pres­i­dent Barack Obama made a solemn vow to them: if they passed the bill as is he would issue an exec­u­tive order pro­hibit­ing what they were against.

The bill passed. Obama never issued the exec­u­tive order. Stu­pak declined to run for re-​​election and took a lucra­tive job with one of Washington’s pre­mier lob­by­ing firms. Obama ran and was re-​​elected.

So much for solemn vows.



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