nolanimrod on October 20th, 2015

We cur­rently are hear­ing that one rea­son Angela Merkel offered to take 100 mil­lion refugees is because of a sense of guilt over Germany’s past sins.

Do you sup­pose that’s right?

How guilty would she feel had Ger­many won?

How much loot­ing would have occurred had the whole Hands Up Don’t Shoot thing gone the other way? Would police have been out loot­ing because a thug who pistol-​​whipped a convenience-​​store clerk got away with killing a cop?

Obama’s approval rat­ing is around 45%. Do 45% of the peo­ple approve of hav­ing the IRS penal­ize peo­ple who don’t have their minds right? Do 45% of the peo­ple think it’s OK to break U.S. immi­gra­tion and tax laws and ignore U.S. court rul­ings? Or is it because he got away with it?

If Obama rounded up 20 mil­lion con­ser­v­a­tives and put them to death what would his approval rat­ing be? Would the New York Times con­demn him? How about if he didn’t use guns?

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nolanimrod on October 17th, 2015

Engineering fact copy

Full Dis­clo­sure: I shame­lessly pirated this from The Pow­er­line Blog’s Week in Pic­tures fea­ture. I couldn’t resist. Gra­ham Greene’s When Greek Meets Greek is one of my favorite short stories.

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nolanimrod on October 3rd, 2015

If you were a law enforce­ment offi­cer would you enforce the law? I mean, really? What is it in your world­view that makes you want to do it?

If I steal a car or rob a bank are you going to hunt me down and arrest me? And, if so, why?

Barack Obama has defied sev­eral fed­eral court rul­ings; have you arrested him?

The for­mer Sec­re­tary of State has bro­ken many national secu­rity laws; have you arrested her?

The for­mer Attor­ney Gen­eral was charged with Con­tempt of Con­gress; have you arrested him?

Our cur­rent Sec­re­tary of State kept his yacht in another state to avoid pay­ing taxes on it; have you arrested him?

A for­mer sen­a­tor and gov­er­nor stole money from investors and lost a bil­lion of their money in an effort to keep his hedge fund alive;  have you arrested him?

And now you want to claim there are too many peo­ple in jail.

I humbly sug­gest there are too few.

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Gives New Mean­ing to the Army Slo­gan ‘Be All You Can Be’

Obama’s lat­est Fri­day Night Sur­prise turned out to be his appoint­ment of, as the head­line in The Hill put it,

an openly gay man to lead Army

Eric Fanning, nominated to be Secretary of the Army, stands at a podium in front of U.S, and other flags and holds up his finger

Bet you can’t guess where this finger’s been!

The gay scene has a lot of fun play­ing with words and this story is no excep­tion. Early on we are served this quote:

Eric undoubt­edly has a mas­ter­ful grasp on mil­i­tary pol­icy and strate­gic defense ini­tia­tives that will serve the Army and the Depart­ment of Defense well dur­ing his tenure.”

Mas­ter­ful grasp?

That comes from

Matt Thorn, interim exec­u­tive direc­tor of OutServe-​​SLDN.

Matt Thorn? Yup. OK, I know that sounds like the nom de cine of a porn star but he is just the head hon­cho of an out­fit called OutServe-​​SLDN. And what is Outserve-​​SDLN? You might well ask, so I hyper-​​linked it so you might eas­ily look it up in Wikipedia. It appears to be an orga­ni­za­tion formed and reor­ga­nized and then re-​​formed and then amal­ga­mated to serve the legal needs of mil­i­tary ser­vice mem­bers who are being per­se­cuted because they are homo­sex­ual. The ini­tials SLDN stand for Ser­vice­mem­bers Legal Defense Net­work. And the out in Out­serve? Like so many words in LGBT-​​Land this needs a lit­tle decrypt­ing if you’re not com­pletely au courant. I have often been mis­lead by not know­ing the lingo. I once tuned in to a com­edy spe­cial on Show­time that was titled Out There think­ing it would be a show of really weird, pithy, out­ra­geous com­edy. Nope. Every sin­gle joke involved homo­sex­u­al­ity. Out means you are openly and avowedly homo­sex­ual. Don’t call your navel an outie if you’re not ready for some strange looks and maybe a few inter­est­ing offers.

Now that the U.S. Con­gress has expressly approved the mil­i­tary ser­vice of homo­sex­ual mem­bers and the pres­i­dent, the media, acad­eme, and a major­ity of the Amer­i­can pub­lic is OK with that it would seem that an out­fit like OutServe-​​SLDN would find itself con­signed to irrev­e­lance. But they’re still in there, rais­ing finds, reor­ga­niz­ing, and being avail­able for com­ment on an issue any actual mem­ber of the mil­i­tary would be ter­ri­fied to say one word about.

It would seem that an orga­ni­za­tion con­cerned with “ser­vice­mem­bers” wel­fare might try look­ing into the wel­fare of vet­er­ans who are dying because they can’t get off a wait­ing list and into a doctor’s office.

Per­haps if the vet­er­ans were gay. Maybe then they would be wor­thy of the atten­tion of SLDN. Or maybe even the atten­tion of the President.



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