nolanimrod on December 4th, 2014

This could have been the impe­tus for A Mod­est Pro­posal.


Pictureof Ferguson protester carrying a sign reading "No mother should have to fear for the life of her child every time he robs a store."

Social Jus­tice

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The New York Times:
  • Pro­mot­ing homo­sex­ual marriage
  • pro­mot­ing US fail­ure in both diplo­matic and mil­i­tary efforts
  • pro­mot­ing mass inva­sion of Amer­ica by any­one who isn’t “white”
  • pro­mot­ing loot­ing and arson if done by blacks or Hispanics
  • advo­cat­ing mur­der of white policemen
  • advo­cat­ing mak­ing it impos­si­ble to man­u­fac­ture any­thing in the U.S.
  • writ­ing advo­cacy pieces in which EVERY FACT is wrong


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nolanimrod on December 2nd, 2014

Accord­ing to the reli­able blog Pow­er­line, which relies on the equally (since they broke the John Edwards baby-​​daddy story) reli­able National Enquirer, Hillary Clin­ton, the Democ­rats’ BIG CHEESE for the 2016 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, is a lush.

Well, if that’s all they have — so what? It seems to me that Hillary most mean­ing­fully con­nects with the peo­ple she wants to rule when she has had a few.

Hillary Clinton drinking shots with supporters

Down the Hatch

Hillary Clinton drinking shots

Besides, in the two con­tests which decided our fate as a nation the two peo­ple who had the most influ­ence on our even­tual vic­to­ries were both very famil­iar with John Bar­l­ey­corn: U.S. Grant and Win­ston Churchill.

Do we need Hillary as our pres­i­dent? I would say prob­a­bly not. But to con­trast her with the cur­rent hor­ror we have in the White House? Oh — Absolut-​​ly.

bottle of Absolut vodka



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nolanimrod on November 26th, 2014

Beau­ti­ful Hol­ly­wood Hunk Com­mits Acci­den­tal Suicide

There! Got your atten­tion? OK, now that we’re this far let’s talk about the vagaries of exis­tence and the ten­dency of life to intro­duce ele­ments of irony into even the most quo­tid­ian life space.

There once was a boy­child named Jon-​​Erik Hexum. He was a comely lad and, accord­ing to his Wikipedia entry, wanted to be involved in bio-​​medical engi­neer­ing. But Jon-​​Erik was, as noted, a comely lad. In fact, he was a tad beyond comely; he was Drop-​​Dead Gorgeous.

Jon-Erik Hexum photo

The result of his gor­gios­ity was that he was whisked away to Hol­ly­wood where he could play a lead­ing role in a so-​​so TV series which would have been the first Bay­watch were it not for the fact that nobody told Jon-​​Erik that guns are dangerous.

Real­iza­tion that guns might be dan­ger­ous may or may not have come to him before all life func­tions left his body after he took a prop gun loaded with blanks and pre­tended to shoot him­self in the head.  Unfor­tu­nately for Jon-​​Erik the explo­sive force which pro­pels a lead pel­let out of the bar­rel is also the explo­sive force which makes the BANG in a blank. All the force from the explo­sion dis­si­pates rapidly. With a blank .45 Colt you can break a bal­loon 6 feet away. You can’t break one 10 feet away because all the force has gone.

So you prob­a­bly won’t be sur­prised to learn that when Jon-​​Erik held a prop gun to his head and pulled the trig­ger — the dis­tance between his tem­ple and the gun bar­rel being 0 inches — the explod­ing gases fatally injured his brain.

And then… we have his co-​​star: Jen­nifer O’Neill

Beau­ti­ful Hol­ly­wood Babe Suf­fers More Dis­as­ters Than Wile E. Coyote

There once was a girl named Jen­nifer who yearned to have a pony. It’s all down­hill after that. Briefly, tak­ing the snip­pets of her life from the Inter­net Movie Data Base, her life is a series of disasters.

picture of Jennifer O'Neill

  • Dur­ing her first mar­riage, she checked her­self into a men­tal hos­pi­tal for treat­ment for men­tal stress, and under­went elec­troshock therapy.
  • O’Neill got her first divorce in 1971 from her first hus­band, and had an abor­tion before she mar­ried her sec­ond hus­band in 1972
  • [next] to a for­mer adver­tis­ing exec­u­tive and nov­el­ist and stu­dent of East­ern phi­los­o­phy, Joseph Ros­ter, which also ended in a divorce in 1974
  • O’Neill then mar­ried her third hus­band in 1975, Nick De Noia,her pro­ducer and chore­o­g­ra­pher; he was also the orig­i­nal chore­o­g­ra­pher for the Chip­pen­dale dancers, but divorced him in 1976; he was later found shot to death with a large cal­iber hand­gun in April of 1987.
  • O’Neill mar­ried hus­band num­ber four in 1978, Jeff Barry, a British drum­mer, singer and song writer (‘Leader of the Pack’; ‘I’m a Believer’; Sugar, Sugar’), but later divorced him in 1979.
  • O’Neill then mar­ried her man­ager, John Led­erer, hus­band num­ber five in 1979, and he gave her a son, Reis. How­ever, he also went through all her money. O’Neill knew at the time of the mar­riage that he was a con­victed felon, but mar­ried him any­way; Led­erer was sub­se­quently con­victed of sex­u­ally abus­ing her daugh­ter Aimee three to four times a week for more than four years. O’Neill divorced Led­erer in 1983.
  • She amassed money again, and had a son, Cooper, with hus­band num­ber six, Richard A. Alan, her limo dri­ver with whom she went on a blind date and mar­ried him in 1984. Alan was unfaith­ful to her with pros­ti­tutes, and she divorced him in 1987 but re-​​married him in 1993
  • (are we hav­ing fun yet?)
  • At age forty-​​four O’Neill then mar­ried hus­band num­ber seven, Neil L. Bonin, in Decem­ber of 1992 in Travis, Texas dur­ing a cross coun­try car trip, O’Neill’s five year old son serv­ing as the best man. O’Neill had met Bonin in a New York restau­rant and he was eleven years her junior; O’Neill had the mar­riage annulled in May of 1993 after just five months due to fraud which induced her into the marriage.
  • At age thirty four, O’Neill also suf­fered a gun­shot wound. Police offi­cers in Bed­ford, New York who inter­viewed the actress in the man­sion of her twenty-​​five room thirty acre French style estate, report that on Octo­ber 23, 1982 O’Neill said that had she shot her­self acci­den­tally in the navel with her then hus­band John Lederer’s .38 cal­iber revolver in the bed­room while she was try­ing to deter­mine if it was loaded.

There! Now aren’t you ashamed and sorry and per­pet­u­ally suf­fer­ing because you are not a mem­ber of the beau­ti­ful peo­ple Hol­ly­wood cabal?

Hollywood sign in Hollywood hills

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