nolanimrod on October 14th, 2014

That’s what the CDC says and it’s one of the burn­ing ques­tions upon which they spent the money they now say they would have spent devel­op­ing an Ebola vac­cine if only they had the money they spent find­ing out a lit­tle blow is a great facil­i­ta­tor of roman­tic encoun­ters among chimps.

Don’t take my word for it (though I will take credit for the Tony Mon­tana head­line). Check out the wildly funny piece on Pow­er­line. You’ll find out the answers to burn­ing ques­tions the CDC really needed the answers to. Like

Is it true that chim­panzee spin-​​doctors are the best at throw­ing their poop?

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And the War on Women? This May Presage the War OF Women

Barack and His Dems as the Lying, Free­load­ing Boyfriend and His Pals

(H/​T Moe Lane)

I’ve seen this a lot. A guy will treat the sweet­est, pret­ti­est, most desir­able girl like a bar rag and you can’t stand to watch. Or, worse, you talk to her about him and then she won’t speak to you. But if she’s lucky she wakes up one day and some­thing, some lit­tle thing, isn’t quite right. There’s an empty cereal box in the cup­board. Or she stops for a muf­fin on the way to work and doesn’t have the ten she got in change the night before. The whole scene falls on her like a ton of bricks. And that’s that.

But there’s a dif­fer­ence here: when this kind of guy gets his walk­ing papers he is usu­ally seen a week or two later with a new girl, dri­ving her car, liv­ing at her place, spend­ing her money, and let­ting her do his laun­dry. But watch­ing this video I got the sense that maybe, in the case of Barack Obama, it’s like every­body in the world got fed up with him all at once.

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nolanimrod on September 21st, 2014

This should be fun. And he looks like my favorite magi­cian, Justin Flom. Give it a look. Maybe it’s time for us to admit we’re not going to have a zero-​​carb lifestyle by tomor­row and buy a lit­tle crude from our friends up north even if that does cut into the slave bud­gets of some Kuwaitis or Saudis.

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