Is Vlad Putin financ­ing anti-​​fracking pres­sure groups?

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nolanimrod on January 28th, 2015

Who has time to notice a few slaugh­tered French­men when there is so much Obama to illu­mine us? He is almost a god God. All 316 mil­lion Amer­i­cans 1.252 bil­lion Indi­ans the world should fall to their its knees and ring their tem­ple bells rejoice that he deigns to con­de­scends to eschews a golf game to incar­nate and bestow upon them it its his His pres­ence Presence.

We know that. Now the Indi­ans do, too!

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nolanimrod on January 24th, 2015

This is rem­i­nis­cent of the last time the Democ­rats showed how they sup­port an Amer­i­can ally.

UPDATE: I mis­spoke; I for­got about how Obama and his troll Hillary sup­ported our ally in Egypt Hosni Mubarek.

Clearly they haven’t lost their knack.


Mean­while Obama’s trolls are hack­ing the com­put­ers and plant­ing damn­ing evi­dence of trea­son on a reporter who had the gall to report on Obama’s dere­lic­tion of his C-​​in-​​C duty.

In addi­tion to hack­ing her com­puter they also inserted clas­si­fied mate­r­ial into oper­at­ing sys­tem areas of her com­puter. Why would they do that? Because nobody ever looks at (and few know how to get into) those areas.  So in the gen­eral run of things she wouldn’t ever know the stuff was there until she was charged (in secret, because clas­si­fied mate­r­ial was involved) with espi­onage and offered a plea deal which involved her silence.

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