nolanimrod on September 2nd, 2014

Those sneaky Grin­gos. Sure, they’ll let oppor­tunis­tic grant-​​sucking out­fits like La Raza call them names.  Though they may have ances­tors who froze at Val­ley Forge or came back in a box from Anbar Province they’re fine with your wear­ing your Mexican-​​flag tee shirts to school on May 5th (sorry — Cinco de Mayo) while sus­pend­ing any stu­dent who wears red, white, and blue. They don’t even mind the increas­ing fre­quency of Spang­lish audio pop-​​unders that you can’t turn off.

Because, you see, while the ad is in Spanish -

Spanish language ad which has the fine print in English

Gotcha — amigo


the fine print, the stuff you really need to know, isn’t. Buena suerte, pendejo.

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nolanimrod on September 2nd, 2014

NOTE: Jim Goad of Taki’s Mag came up with these arti­facts in his piece Does It Mat­ter if Hillary Clin­ton is a Car­pet Muncher? I just had some fun with the captions.


current photo of the woman who was Hillary's roommate at Wellesley for 4 years

Room­mates at Welles­ley for all 4 years? We were very sym­pa­tico. Nei­ther of us minded spilling Scream­ing Yel­low Zonkers in bed.


Hillary at Wellesley with the school President and two other unidentified women

Are we on for later tonight or are you just adjust­ing my underwear?


Hillary Clinton standing next to a woman with prominent nipples showing through her thin dress. Hillary's right hand is somewhere behind the woman.

Eat your heart out, Bill.  Any DNA left on this dress will be from my drool.


Hillary Clinton standing next to a very buxom and low-cut Christine Aguilera and staring at her cleavage.

God! When I was car­ry­ing that huge Bible around this is what I was pray­ing for!

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nolanimrod on August 13th, 2014

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. A very, very rude beast. It takes the words of a poet to begin to describe the hor­rors these furies are inflict­ing in such a res­olute and busi­nesslike way. If you haven’t read it, or haven’t read it in a while, you might read or reread Yeats’ The Sec­ond Com­ing.

Mere anar­chy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-​​dimmed tide is loosed, and every­where
    The cer­e­mony of inno­cence is drowned;
    The best lack all con­vic­tion, while the worst
    Are full of pas­sion­ate intensity.

Maybe after that Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach.

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So var­i­ous, so beau­ti­ful, so new,
Hath really nei­ther joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor cer­ti­tude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a dark­ling plain
Swept with con­fused alarms of strug­gle and flight,
Where igno­rant armies clash by night.


[UPDATE]: When I first put this out to the web I was so affected by those pic­tures that I omit­ted the rel­e­vant por­tions of text and also hyper-​​links to the entire poems. That is fixed. I am not usu­ally unmoored by gory pho­tographs. Ser­vice years ago on a grand jury inured me to revul­sion at pic­tures of wounds and dead bod­ies. No, the thing about the pic­tures which threw me was the feel­ing that some­thing implaca­ble, insa­tiable, some­thing raw and ragged lurked just behind the sur­faces of the pho­tos, some­thing more akin to Mor­dor or Azk­a­ban than some­thing that, hor­ri­ble though it was, might look bet­ter in the morn­ing. I don’t know if any­one who was able to sur­vive these hor­rors will ever know dawn or morn­ing again.

At least that is what I felt. That only great poetry could reach deeply enough inside to touch the place that is sick­ened by words and pic­tures like these in this bul­letin from The Tele­graph.

That was my first thought.

My sec­ond thought was for the peo­ple who were dri­ven to apoplexia by just the idea that we might have put some water up the noses of  a few peo­ple who like to orga­nize par­ties like these.

My third thought was how glad I was that Barack Obama, hav­ing per­son­ally killed Osama bin Laden, had fled from Iraq so that all our weapons, tanks, half-​​tracks, planes, and mil­i­tary bases could be taken over by peo­ple who would put them to such good use.

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 Golfers frisked as Obama arrives at Martha’s Vine­yard club.

In fact, con­sid­er­ing where every­body around Obama has to keep his head in order to stay on his good side and not force him to make a moue they ought to be check­ing the nose-​​hairs of his four­some for crab lice.

The word head­winds takes on a new mean­ing when your head is up someone’s behind.

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